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Electronic Noticeboard System

noticeboard screen image The Electronic Noticeboard System provides a simple and easy to operate system for showing a number of 'channels' of information screens to a wide audience.

Supporting up to 255 different channels of information, each noticeboard channel or group can be assigned to show a carousel of any number of pages that will then be displayed one after the other on Plasma, LCD or TV screens. The cycling or single message pages are quickly created by simply dropping the display page into a channel list and clicking a button.

The use of multiple channels allows you to target different sets of messages to different parts of your building. Typically production information can be displayed on a factory floor, while notices of events could be shown in the works canteen, and corporate information could be displayed in your reception area.

Noticeboard display pages are quickly and easily created with our page editor software which offers a wide selection of page templates ranging from a simple textual information page to pages with pictures and video clips. The display pages fully support the html specification and are capable of displaying standard text messages or full multimedia information.

The electronic noticeboard PCs can be updated over your buildings network or by FTP. Units controlled via FTP can be updated anywhere over the Internet, making them ideal for placing in a chain of shops such as building societies or estate agents.
Typical Uses and some of our customers
The system can be used anywhere that public or internal information needs to be made available, and our world wide customers include many schools and colleges, a major UK jet engine manufacturer, a national UK television broadcaster, International oil exploration companies, offshore support ships, oil rigs, hotels, factories, power stations, health trusts and industry in general. The system is ideal for any of the following applications:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Company Reception Areas
  • Cinemas
  • Factory Production Areas
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transport Timetables
  • Shop window advertising
  • In shop offers or promotions
  • Travel Agents
  • Property Agents
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Art Galleries
  • Car Show Rooms
  • Exhibitions

noticeboard screen image
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